On Crows and Feelings

Jerry Colonna in his book Reboot calls our inner critic a crow. In this piece I sit down with our crow to learn what it might be like to have a kinder relationship with our critic.


On Rain

Rain has been falling gently and angrily and everything in between in the past few days. Snow fell a few days before and it seemed out of place, given it's April and all. I guess I prefer the rain but it's still sad and cold for Spring. It's funny how our expectations shape our perceptions. … Continue reading On Rain

On Time

"Time, you just keep going, and one day you'll be going on with me. Time. Time. Time. Come back." I feel time slipping through my fingers these days. I've stretched myself too thin time and time again and only now am I realizing the effects. I think at times I believe I'm Elastagirl and Mr. … Continue reading On Time