On Easy Food and Click Bait

I am a sucker for what I call easy food. Cliff Bars, Nutri Grain bars, Baby Bell cheese. If it’s prepackaged, sugary or salty, you can bet I’m eating it at midnight. Or at 2 in the afternoon. Or when I’m bored.


On Rain

Rain has been falling gently and angrily and everything in between in the past few days. Snow fell a few days before and it seemed out of place, given it's April and all. I guess I prefer the rain but it's still sad and cold for Spring. It's funny how our expectations shape our perceptions. … Continue reading On Rain

On Commitment

My fingers feel foreign here, it's been so long since I've written. I'm reminded of my younger days as a runner, sliding on my trainers after a long break. I must have looked like an old man, legs janky, arms swinging awkwardly, and grimacing like I already had arthritis. I wonder what the analogy here … Continue reading On Commitment